Tracy Manuel is an alt-country percussionist, guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Born and raised in Far NorCal, she chronicles contemporary rural life in her music, borrowing evenly from plaintive acoustic songcraft and experimental electric knob-twiddling. Her 2018 album, Purgatory, CA, is an unflinching song cycle bearing witness to small-town disaster, from the personal to the political to the ecological. It’s available on Bandcamp.


Purgatory, CA — announcing new studio album release

I’m excited to announce that I’m releasing a full length studio album on September 25th. Its name is Purgatory, CA. This summer was not kind to the golden state. There are no discernible beach vibes here. But for those feeling up for a musical deep-dive into the 2018 NorCal “CA-pocalypse” (among other regional indelicacies), you’re in …

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