tracy manuel is a genre-fluid songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

long exposure of Tracy, blurred, looking down and to the right — there are magenta and blue lights all around

the mood

the low din of the party has become abrasive. you excuse yourself from conversation. you smack shreds of hay off your jacket, winding your way to the back gate. the latch rattles shut behind you, punctuating your departure. a quiet euphoria trickles down your spine.

you are driving home alone. bits of pop beats, country choruses, and symphony swells scratch out at you from local stations as you search for an inner resonance. you switch the radio off. municipal amber streetlights pulse smoothly across your face in silence.

you pass a part of town that you know very well, from a long time ago. your palms become damp for reasons unclear.

you are in the right place.

like a sad, queer Bruce Springsteen

a sense of drama… classy production, even though it’s quite sparse… a keeper

a formidable lyricist, full of wit, humor and crafty observations

the details

stage name:
Tracy Manuel

also known as:

operates from:
Davis, CA / Sacramento region

Redding, CA

hometown nicknames:
Scarlet Town, District 12, Calabama

gigging since:
age 15

drums, percussion, guitars, electronics, hunt-and-peck synths

musical style:
wry, lyric-driven; moody yet buoyant; a taught balance of ethereality and grit

adjacent genres:
dream pop, freak folk, alt-country, singer-songwriter, ambient, electronic, experimental

pairs well with:
Adrianne Lenker, boygenius, Daniel Lanois

has shared the stage with:
Jolie Holland, Joe Pug, Izaak Opatz, various bandmates of the late Merle Haggard

writes about:
rural melancholia, suburban melancholia, California, fire, flood, flu, heartbreak, death, faith, complicated women, getting sick, getting well, the quiet agony of healing, the occasional Tesla

stage persona:
unexpectedly chipper

day jobs (past):
avocado salesman, pixel pusher, visual artist, nonprofit spreadsheeter, yoga teacher, researcher, creative educator

day job (present):
designer in healthcare

# of graduate degrees:

# of brain surgeries:

# of Spotify followers (approximate):

# of delay FXs on pedalboard:
more than four

let’s be emergency contacts